Discovery in science is only possible if one has the audacity to imagine; to think differently.
— Ruben Cauchi

sean buhagiar

Sean Buhagiar is a professional Artistic Director, Creative Producer and Theatre-Maker based in Malta. Sean first read Communication Studies and Theatre Studies at the University of Malta. He holds a Masters Degree in Performance Creativity from Universities in Rome, Paris and Poland where he researched creativity in performance. He has been active in the local theatre scene for the past 10 years and currently works in theatre, film and large-scale festivals. Sean is the current Artistic Director of Notte Bianca Valletta and the Artistic Director of Teatru Malta. In 2015, Sean was presented the Outstanding Young Persons Award for cultural achievement by the Junior Chamber International Malta.

abdalla kablan

Dr. Abdalla Kablan is a serial entrepreneur, and Fintech expert. He specialises in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the design of complex financial systems. Throughout his career he founded a number of startups specializing in deep learning, professional matchmaking, and Fintech. Dr. Kablan is also an academic at the University of Malta where he lectures and researches topics related to computational intelligence, financial engineering, and financial data science. Dr Kablan advises the Maltese Government on matters related to strategic development and utilisation of technology, Fintech, and Blockchain/DLT technologies.

lara dimitrijevic

Dr Lara Dimitrijevic graduated as Doctor of Laws in 2008 and has specialized in the field of family law and human rights. Dimitrijevic is founder and director of Women’s Rights Foundation and has been actively advocating for women’s rights. Dimitrijevic is currently a representative on the European Women’s Lobby ‘Observatory of Violence against Women’ on behalf of Malta Confederation of Women Organizations and a member of the Commission of Domestic Violence (Malta).

ruben cauchi

Learning his trade in the golden triangle – London, Oxford and Cambridge, Dr. Ruben Cauchi is essentially a gene hunter. You would not find him in gloomy board rooms but in the lab donning low-key jeans and sneakers. Leading a troop of scientists at the University of Malta, Dr. Cauchi is scouting the ensemble of genes that underpin brain function. Helping the Dr. Cauchi Lab’s mission is an army of tiny fruit flies whose DNA is amazingly close to humans. Dr. Cauchi believes that discovering the genes responsible for the fly’s incredible acrobatic feats, including its remarkable ability to avoid swatting, will one day allow us to treat neurological maladies like ALS.

As a developer I feel more than ever the need and responsibility to make sure that we design systems with benevolence in mind.
— Abdalla Kablan
I have chosen to master the art of life, and in return, that’s all the breadth I will ever need.
— Sam Debattista

sam debattista

Sam DeBattista is a 21 year old student in her final year of a Bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Malta. From a young age Sam wanted to make a difference, be the change everyone spoke about but in a world full of just causes she didn’t know where to start. Years later, she found herself ruminating at a crossroads between life sustaining measures and death, she chose the latter. From then on she has fought for the legalisation of euthanasia because her biggest fear is that she will outlive life itself. Sam’s philosophy is that life is about the quality of life you live and not the number of years you have and intends to continue voicing the needs of those who cannot fight for their rights till her last breath.